Recent projects

Application of the Joint Code for fire safety on construction sites is a key service which the consultancy can provide. Stewart Kidd was part of the team which first drew up the code so there will be few consultants who can bring his knowledge and experience to bear on auditing fire safety on construction sites.

Recent projects include:

Burj Dubai is now the tallest structure in the world and on its completion will house an Armani Hotel, homes and offices. The consultancy was involved from the project prior to construction starting and the fire safety policies and procedures developed in consultation with the project managers are now widely used elsewhere in Dubai and the UAE [this image shows an aerial view from the top]
Maritza II East, Bulgaria
The refurbishment of the Maritza II East power station in South East Bulgaria began in 2003 and the consultancy was appointed before work began; not only to provide technical input for appropriate fire protection measures but also to ensure that the refurbishment process was undertaken in accordance with good fire safety practice. Subsequently, with the approval of the appointing underwriter, the consultancy also undertook a review of security at the site.
The RIBA HQ building on Portland Place, London is the home of the UK’s architectural professionals and the consultancy was delighted to be appointed to undertake a full review of security in the building and at other nearby RIBA sites.
MTC, Kuwait
Mobile phones play a key role in modern life and they require significant capital investment in buildings and plant. MTC is a key player in many Middle Eastern countries and the consultancy undertook insurance surveys of its properties and sites in Kuwait, Bahrain and the Sudan.
Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna
Installing modern fire systems into old buildings requires a particular degree of expertise to ensure that the process does not damage the unique features that make a building part of a country’s cultural heritage. The consultancy has been responsible for providing on-going advice to the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna where a programme of upgrading fire protection has been running since 1999. Introducing fire suppression systems into a building of world-class importance has required many innovative approaches.
Corgarff Castle, Aberdeenshire which is in the care of Historic Scotland is believed to be the oldest fully-sprinklered building in Europe. The consultancy not only undertook the initial review of the building, which is a Scheduled Ancient Monument, but also specified the system, advised on tender award and supervised the installation and commissioning of the fire suppression system.

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