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Overlooked asset: 'FRM Journal' article (Nov 2017)
Stewart Kidd advocates a reappraisal of portable fire extinguishers particularly within the heritage sector.

Fire Protection of Wind Turbines (12 MB file)
Presented to European Wind Turbine Committee (June 2003)

Construction site fire risk assessment presentation
As delivered by Stewart Kidd to APS members at five locations in UK.

Standing Tall
An overview of the problems of managing fire safety in super-tall buildings.

Sharing the Load
A review of issues relating to present fire safety problems in the classification of large single storey buildings and the way in which modern warehouses are managed

All-Party Parliamentary Fire & Rescue Group (2.9 MB file):
Better Large Single Storey Building Protection

Draft Fire Safety Policy Statements (1 page)

Colvin Fire Prevention Trust (7 pages)
Uppark House Seminar
13 June 2003

Fire Advice (1 page)
Sensible precautions for businesses and other organisations when fire brigade cover is restricted because of an industrial dispute.

Damage Limitation (5 pages)
Paper given to the Group of European Royal Palaces meeting held by the Sconbrunn Akedemie, Vienna on 4 October. The paper covers the principles of damage limitation as related to historic and heritage buildings and describes how the formation of a damage limitation team can contribute towards higher standards of fire safety.

Crisis Management: the Essential Security Input (39 pages)
Presentation delivered at ASIS International Conference, Amsterdam
17 April 2002.

Security for Heritage Buildings (2 pages)
Reprint of an article from The Building Conservation Directory 2000
Cathedral Communications Ltd

Fire Safety: The Security Implications (34 pages)
Presentation to the Association of Security Consultants meeting
April 2001

A working day in the life of Stewart Kidd (1 page)
Reprint from Fire Times

Global Corporate Security - Experiences and Lessons (14 pages)
ASIS Europe Conference, London
May 2001

Fire Protection in Warehouses (34 pages)
Presentation to the annual conference of UK Warehousing Association
March 2001

Action Plan for Managing Fire Safety (2 pages)

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning (8 pages)

Fire Risk Assessment (8 pages)

Reuse of Empty Buildings (9 pages)
RTPI Conference
5 July 1996

Fire Safety Management (8 pages)
Fire Protection and the Built Heritage
Duff House, 7 - 8 October 1998

General Security Notes (4 pages)
An outline of the main factors to be taken into consideration when planning the security of a premises or business.

Does Private Vigilance Mean Vigilantes (2 pages)
A short 'think piece' about what has gone wrong with public policing and why companies and individuals now feel they have to protect themselves.

Highly Protected Risks in Power Generation (6 pages)
An updated article (which first appeared in Fire Prevention and Fire Engineers' Journal) which describes how the HPR concept can be applied to the protection of power stations.

Hotel Fire Safety in Europe: An Analysis of the Implementation and Impact of the 1986 European Commission's Recommendations on Fire Safety in Hotels (51 pages)
Report of a research project undertaken by us on behalf of the Federation of Tour Operators. Contains the full text of the report as well as the wording of the Recommendations EC 666/86

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